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Sign survey service

Please find to follow some useful information for your consideration:

The majority of my clients fully understand the extent / limitations of the service that I offer, though on occasions I have to clarify what I am / am not able to do. The primary tasks I undertake are as follows / as necessary:

* Measure existing site signage.

* Note method of sign construction and illumination.

* Note the condition of existing signage.

* Report size of existing signage in relation to the background area available.

* Measure building for any opportunities for new signage.

* Note any specific requests from site contacts / managers.

* Measure glazing, mullions, doorways, stall risers and columns.

* Note any alarms or obstructions.

* Take details of any angles / curves.

* Report any access / height issues, narrow pavements and parking restrictions.

* Provide site plan detail.

* Undertake any other specific measurement tasks as requested.

Sign backgrounds, structures and foundations

I am often asked to report on the condition of sign backgrounds and sub-fascias. I must be clear in explaining that I am not a qualified / chartered building surveyor or structural engineer. So I am not qualified to assess the structural condition or performance of any sign background, support structure or foundation. I will of course report any obvious visual defects, rot, rust, general dilapidation, instability or concerns that I may have, plus plenty of site photographs. This will assist the sign contractor / sign end user in making a decision as to how best to proceed with the project. My clients benefit from huge cost savings in comparison to using the services of the relevant construction professionals.

Timber fascia backgrounds

Shop fascias with the existing sign in place is the most common issue encountered.  Very often I can only see a few millimetres of the background material which is not enough to make an assessment of the overall condition. there is also the suitability of the supporting sub-frame to be considered. It is possible for a ply panel to look relatively new and in good condition, but the supporting sub-frame to be rotten and unstable. All of which cannot be predicted on an initial survey with the current sign in place. The final decision on background suitability can only be made after the removal of any existing signage.

Sign steel work and foundations

I will have to assume that existing steel work of any sort was initially installed competently as I have no way of assessing the suitability of foundation cages or fixings into the building.

Render backgrounds

I have no way of assessing the standard of workmanship on any rendered area.

New ply backgrounds

The shopfitter / main contractor should be able to provide the necessary assurances.

Thankfully serious problems are rare and I am sure that any professional sign end user would have no problems in meeting costs for any unpredictable work which will ensure a long lasting sign that is both safe and secure. I do suggest that a provision is made in quotations allowing that remedial works to backgrounds / structures may possibly be necessary.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need further advice on the above. See also terms and conditions.